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How to write a good essay (general)

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3 months ago


The main condition for writing a good essay is free mastery of the topic. After all, the author will have to express his own point of view, reasoning, drawing conclusions.

In order to structure the work logically, the first thing to do is to think about the essay plan. It usually consists of individual brief theses on a given topic, which as they are disclosed should be argued and supported by evidence.

The only formal requirement that you will have to adhere to when writing an essay is to have a heading.

Giving up your creativity, you should not forget that the author's task is to convince the audience of the validity of the proposed point of view, so the argumentation should be as strong and visual as possible.


As noted above, the essay does not have a clear structure, but its scheme usually includes:

Introduction. This part should set the emotional mood, bring the reader to the issue at hand, interest, inducing him to read the text to the end.

The main part. At this stage, the author puts forward theses, finds them justifications, thus proving his own point of view on review.

Conclusion. Summing up what was said in the main part, the author makes a general conclusion.

What is an essay and how to write it: illustrative examples of writing

If the purpose of the introduction - to interest the reader, the conclusion should give integrity to the overall picture, to encourage reflection or, on the contrary, not to leave doubts about the validity or viability of the ideas expressed by the author.

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